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We have a complete range of luxury aircraft available for charter
From a three seater Robinson 44 right up to a state-of-the-art Augusta A109 that can take you door-to-door from London to Paris in just over an hour! For the longer trip we have a Cessna Citation II Business Jet
with luxury seating for up to eight passengers and a range that can take you from the south of England to Moscow, Athens or Istanbul in under four hours!



Agusta A109

Capacity: up to 6 passengers

In VIP role 5 seats with 2 pilots (or 6 and 1), 140kts (160mph) Cruise, 2 Hours fuel endurance gives 280nm (320 miles) range. That's London to Paris - door to door - in just over an hour.

The sleek shape and retractable undercarriage make the A109 a very fast helicopter and its IFR ability means that weather is less restrictive, being able to operate in cloud and reduced visibility provided the take off and landing sites remain above minimum.

Airbus EC130

Capacity: 6 passengers

The Airbus EC130 was designed initially for sightseeing tours. Its large single cabin offers all passengers sensational views, it's a less costly option compared to the Agusta 109 for travel of up to six passengers in style and comfort. The aircraft cruises at 130mph with a range of 340 miles.

Airbus EC120

Capacity: 4 passengers

The EC120 is a modern-looking helicopter, with a sleek, streamlined design. It is roomy, with plenty of space for a pilot and four passengers. Flight in the EC120 is smooth and comfortable, but it is fast enough to be an ideal touring machine. Flight time with full fuel is around three hours.

Airbus AS355

Capacity: 5 passengers

The AS355 is a twin engine IFR aircraft which like the Agusta 109 can fly in a greater range of weather conditions in safety and comfort.

Bell 206L Longranger

Capacity: 5 passengers

The Bell 206L Long Ranger is a stretched development of the Bell 206 JetRanger and carries five passengers in a separate luxurious cabin.

Bell 206 Jetranger

Capacity: 4 passengers

The iconic Bell Jetranger is a great aircraft for four passengers travelling over relatively short distances. All our Jetrangers have VIP fit out and a great aircraft for the budget conscious.

Robinson 44

Capacity: 3 passengers

The Robinson 44 is our most economical three passenger aircraft. It is one of the most popular helicopters in the world today with a proven air-cooled piston engine. The Robinson 44 cruises at 120mph and is a great aircraft for sightseeing and getting from A to B effortlessly.

Cessna Citation II Business Jet

Capacity: 8 passengers

JAG Aviation now have a Cessna Citation II business jet in our fleet. The Citation II business jet can transport up to 8 passengers in comfort, style and luxury from the South of England to destinations as far away as Moscow, Athens or Istanbul in under 4 hours. This truly is the ultimate European air travel solution!