Our Fleet

We have a complete range of luxury aircraft available for charter

From a three seater Robinson 44 right up to a state-of-the-art Agusta 169 that can take you door-to-door from London to Paris in just over an hour! For the longer trip we have a Cessna Citation II Business Jet with luxury seating for up to eight passengers and a range that can take you from the south of England to Moscow, Athens or Istanbul in under four hours!

For professional and friendly aircraft charter and hire services throughout the UK and Europe

Agusta 169 IFR

A step up from the 109 and with capacity for up to eight passengers, the 169 is a state of the art, luxuriously appointed aircraft. Operated by either one or two pilots.

Sikorsky S76 IFR

American quality with its eight seat luxury cabin, the 160mph S76 offers the ultimate in VIP transport. The spacious cabin and minimal noise levels combine to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Agusta 109 IFR

By far the most popular VIP twin-engine helicopter in the world. Its sleek design makes for a smooth and fast flight while it’s VIP interior comes in 5 or 6 seat configuration. Operated by either one or two pilots.


An ultra-reliable aircraft as used by both Police and Air Ambulance the 135 carries up to six passengers in comfort. Its large luggage bay along with its ability to land almost anywhere makes it ideal for shooting or golfing trips.


The world record breaking AS350 is used by more than 2,000 operators throughout the world.  It can be flown in either normal or VIP mode with a maximum of five passengers.  With a cruise speed of 160mph this helicopter gets you from A to B in quick time.


The EC120 is a modern-looking helicopter, with a sleek, streamlined design. It is roomy, with plenty of space for a pilot and four passengers. Flight in the EC120 is smooth and comfortable, but it is fast enough to be an ideal touring machine. Flight time with full fuel is around three hours.

Bell 505

The latest aircraft from the famous USA Bell Helicopters.  With a range of 300 miles at a speed of 145mph the open plan cabin can carry up to four passengers in roomy comfort while keeping your costs down.